Safety, Health and Hygiene Management System at the work place

The employees’ protection passes through a continuous attention to safety and health at work: Biomasse Italia and Biomasse Crotone have implemented this policy through the constant search for equipment and operating procedures with no negative impact on the workers’ health in the belief that more the person is facilitated and protected during the activity, higher is the quality of working life, and consequently greater are the involvement, the sense of belonging and welfare of the worker.

For Biomasse Italia and Biomasse Crotone Italy the safety is a priority objective to be pursued at all levels of the organization; the results are excellent and, in view of continuous improvement, our companies, with the assistance of one of the largest international consultancy companies on health, have decided to implement according to the standard OHSAS 18001:2007 the development of the Safety Management System on the workplace and its integration with the existing Environmental Management System from the point of view of the method adopted.

At the beginning of 2009 Biomass Italia has received the certification OHSAS18001 for the development of its Safety Management System on the workplace. The system was re-certified by Certiquality in 2011. The certification was extended to Biomasse Crotone on 2012.

The Safety Management System is intended to assure the protection of the workers physical safety and of the hygiene of the workplace, in compliance with applicable laws and with the international standards which we have decided to join it. The application of the Safety Management System is positive in terms of minimization of accidents, losses and costs, as well as in terms of efficiency, competitiveness and relations’ improvement.

Complying with the current laws, the organizational structure of each of our companies sees the establishment of an unique Service of Prevention and Protection. This service is also involved in training activities for staff, whose aims are to achieve uniformity in the application of preventive actions, a higher level of professionalism, immediate response to emergent safety issues, greater capacity in the perception of potential dangers and higher level of initiative in promoting preventive actions.

Because the Environment and Safety issues have similar dynamics and overlap each other without a clear line, the integration of environmental and safety management systems will save resources and obtain efficiency, providing a better service to staff and the full protection of the territory.