General Information

The strategy is to produce clean energy from renewable sources fully respecting the Environment, in order to ensure a sustainable energetic system in the long term, employing an advanced technology (the Strongoli Plant is one of the biggest and most modern in Europe).

In 2011 the company Biomasse Italia SpA has suffered a spin-off, which led to the creation of Biomasse Crotone SpA, a company founded to manage the biomass power plant in the industrial area of Crotone, and to the maintenance of Biomasse Italia SpA with the role of managing the biomass power plant in Strongoli (KR) and providing Biomasse Crotone SpA with all general services.

The core business of both Companies is represented by the energy production from renewable energetic sources, carried out in the two power plants located at Crotone and Strongoli. The final product is entirely provided to the national grid.

The current structure of the two power plants generates a net capacity of an overall energy intake in the national grid of 74 MW (Biomasse Italia – 46 MW and Biomasse Crotone – 28 MW) that makes them ones of the biggest European Companies in the field of electric power production from the only biomass combustion. Crotone’s production started in 2001 whereas Strongoli’s production started in 2003.

The total yearly production at full capacity is of about 600 GWh for a yearly turnover of about 100 millions euro.

The raw material consists mainly of biomass made of wood chips derived from forest maintenance and agro-food residuals coming from local and foreign markets. The yearly biomass consumption is about 450.000 tons at Strongoli and about 300.000 tons at Crotone.

The Companies have invested more than 200 millions euro in the plants (construction and revamping), as well as tens of millions of euro in working capital (machinery and equipment, stocks).