Our commitment towards training is realised thanks to the focusing of dedicated and professional resources on our training programme “BlueLab”

BlueLab is the instrument with which the human resources are directed towards constantly growing performance and efficiency, accompanying our companies in their development. BlueLab is a training programme which involves theoretical instruction, practical training, interaction with external professionals, internal free interaction, freedom of expression and a structured evaluation of the differences between required competences and acquired skills.

BlueLab is a free zone where we encourage initiative and creativity, to stimulate individual and group skills with the aim of overcoming persisting limits; but BlueLab is at the same time a teaching centre to promote the transfer of know-how and to develop competences.

We invest constantly in training our personnel, making use also of foreign professionals and specialists in the following fields: environment; safety; technology; legal issues; finance; territorial integration of industrial projects; IT; business analysis and control; communication & image.

The Training is concentrated on technical competences (environmental and safety rules and related legislative frames; process analysis and improvement structural plans; risk management; economical – financial analyses; methods of quality control; ethics and social responsibility; planning methods; specialist technical matters as tools, mechanic, industrial automation, plant maintenance) and on business administration (team working; creativity & innovation; change management; communication; strategic thinking, foreign language courses).